Viajes & Turismo 2018: Dreams in Heels

Autor: Olga María

Titulo: Dreams in Heels

Descripción: Dreams in Heels (Travel & Lifestyle Blog) by Latina Influencer Olga Maria caters to all types of adventurous souls, including those who are already exploring the world, those who plan to travel (even on a budget), and lastly it’s especially for those who message Olga Maria that living vicariously through her journey, brings them joy and inspiration.
Olga Maria’s goal through Dreams in Heels is to inspire all of you, regardless of your situation, to live life to the maximum! Anyone can start by exploring their own neighborhood. You never know what adventure lies just around the corner! Olga Maria invites you on her journey to different destinations while together we explore the cuisine, the lifestyle, the culture and we interact with locals. Dare to escape with Olga (even in heels) for a journey off-beaten paths, filled with adventure travel, trending destinations, delicious food/wines, cafecitos con leche, yummy desserts, luxury, budget tips. Her goal is to inspire you to go and experience the world for yourself! Where to next?!